How to list your items to the marketplace?

The fastest way to get you items listed on the marketplace might be a batch import from another platform like “the bay”. Please request a batch import job via contact form.  If like to add your items manually follow the next steps.

Simply click on “Vendor Dashboard” in the footer menu section bar and go to “> Products > Add New”  tab in the sidebar.  For default offers you should use the preselected product type “Simple Product”. Please fill in your item title and your desired price, or leave it empty if you want to receive offers only.

Use the large button with the symbolic landscape (right side) to upload you main item image and the smaller button below for additional product gallery images. Please upload at least two pictures, but it would be better to upload some more. Also please remove any plastic bags on certified games. To fit our marketplace style it would be nice if you can use a white background for your item pictures. Please show all sides and details of possible wear. You can also insert images in the description directly by clicking on the red “Add Media” button.

add products 1

For video and computer games please use only one of the following categories:

– Graded Video Games
– Sealed Video Games
or Retro Video Games for all other types like CIB etc.


Please use the “Description” field to put some more information about you item. You dont have to fill in “Short Description” field. Also you can use “Add Media” button to insert images into the description as well. Write more to get a better ranking on google.

Set some product tags seperated by comma or chosse from the existing library.


Please set the “Sold individually” option for your collectible items that are only once available!


Please set some product attributes that match your item and set them active via option.
To add none existing  own attributes you have to do a request via contact form atm.  This issue will be solved soon and you can add your own custom attributes.

SEO:   You can setup SEO Focus Keyword and a SEO meta description for your items here.

SHIPPING: Mostly you can leave it untouched and your default vendor shipping rules will be used.

Screenshot 2022 03 01 at 11 49 47 Store Manager Retro N Rare Marketplace 1