Basic Guidelines – Setup your Vendor Shelf

Please apply as seller via vendor register page only!

After you first login as a vendor you will see the easy-to-use setup wizard for the basic configuration. Afterwards you will be fowarded to your vendor dashboard.  Now you can setup a few optional things. Please click on “Vendor Dashboard ” in the footer menu bar to go to the vendor dashboard and tick the “Settings” tab on the left sidebar menu. There you will been able to customise your vendor shelf.

Dashboard 1


Settings > Store Tab > General Setting

1. Please choose a short and easy to remember name for your vendor shelf under “Store Name” . This name can also be used for the vendor shelf url slug exp. “” or you choose something different under the “Store Slug”

2. Please fill in a Store Email as well in the same formular.

3. Please setup your own logo and Banner if you like or use the default ones for the start.

4. You are free to fill out a short shop description


Settings > Location Tab > Store Adress

1. Please fill in your location details. This will not been shown in the frontend.

2. Please set your Store Location City only. Use the “Find Location” Filed and type in your city. This is an important step to be shown on the vendor list worldwide map.


Settings > Payment Tab

Next step will be to configure your payment information. Simply there are two options at the time.

1. Set withdrawl payment in the dropdown list for Preferred Payment Method.

2. If you like to receive payment directly from customers, you have to setup “PayPal Direct Pay”. First you need to fill in your PayPal email. Second you will need to follow the steps in the specific guideline “Direct Paypal Payment Setup” in the “Knowledge Base” . After you finished these steps, you will get your payments directly from your customers via paypal.


Settings > Shipping Tab

No we go to shipping configuration. Here you can setup the processing time and you are free to configure you onw shipping cost. Also you can offer “Local Pickup”. Simply enable it by setting “Enable Local Pickup”. You can use “Ship by Country” under “Shipping Type” and below you can define your own cost for domestic or abroad delivery. You can use the “Everywhere Else” option in the “Country Settings” .  For exp. you can setup USD $10 for your own country and USD $20 for “Everywhere Else”. This should be pretty much self explaining.

Settings > SEO Tab:

Here you can Setup your SEO Title for google, Facebook and Twitter. This will be used by the search engines or if you share your products here to the socials.


Products > Add New

See special guideline for adding products in the knowledge base. Also you can request an batch import of your items from any of the usual marketplace like ebay etc. Please use the contact to do a request.


So if you click now on the “My Shelf” Button in the top left Dashboard Menu Bar,  you can see your vendor shelf frontend live and ready to go under your choosen vendor Url.