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Welcome to the Retro N Rare Marketplace Platform.  Please use the social login options to register or type in your email. A verification code will be sent instantly to you just after typing in your email (dont have to push enter). 



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Our vision:
Build up a curated and secure trading platform for high quality and collectible video games and authentic memorabilia.  The aim is to provide a secure online platform with an easy-to-use interface featuring enhanced functionalities for collectors. Combined with a simple and fast withdrawal process and fewer fees than usual mass marketplaces.

If you like to support the idea, please feel free and apply here as a seller. Be part of the journey from the early start and save your top posititon in the chronically sorted vendors shelf list now.

Apply today and here is why:

No fees for a limited time:  We dont take any fees at all for the moment. No listing, insertion or final value fees.

Social Media Reach: Use our constantly growing and very related followers on the socials (2.1k +) and promote your item offers and collectible gems to all of our channels and FB groups for free!

Geo Location Search and Local Pickup Option: Open up your vendor shelf for free and other collectors can look up your offers by using the vendor geo location radius search. And you can set local pickup as additional “shipping”  option as well.  This may be an important option for some collectors.

Secure Platform: All vendor applications will be approved only after a personal contact. All item listings will be approved by our staff before published to our platform. This way we can assure a high quality on the platform and avoid fake items and possible reseals.

Wide System Range:  We focus not only on console platforms, and we will try to provide the most wide range of available rare and certified video and vintage computer game classics and related memorabilia.

  • Focus on rare CIB | Sealed | UKG | VGA | WATA | Certified Video Games | Vintage Computer Games
  • Promote your video game item offers to our very related 2.1k + social media followers and FB Group members!
  • Automised batch import of your items from other marketplaces like “the bay” via request or CSV
  • Have your own public vendor shelf like here
  • Exclusive collectors audience and highly motivated bidders
  • No item listing fees
  • No marketplace member subscription fees
  • Unlimited item listings
  • “OBO” / Catalog listings without pricing possible
  • Knowledge Base
  • User written articles and guides
  • Traffic Analytics and custom SEO settings
  • Sold price research data from ebay, heritage, goldin auctions etc. comming soon
  • Many more features will follow. We like to hear your ideas!

See the following example how your items will be appear on the marketplace listings. See the “Seller Logo” and rating below the “Burnout” game.

Screenshot 2022 02 18 at 22 59 44 Sealed Video Games